Energy Management & Consulting

Our team of energy advisors are there to help you make you home more energy efficient, whether you are building a home or planning upgrades to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Commercial and Residential HVAC Design Solutions

We provide complete HVAC design solutions for the commercial and residential sectors. Our experienced team of HVAC designers work with you to optimize energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Building Envelope Consulting

Our focus is on wood frame construction in single and multi-family buildings. We work with warranty providers, home builders, condo associations, insurance companies and private owners.

BC Step Code Update

Step Code 3 will be the default option starting May 1, 2023. Click the button below to learn more.

Greener Homes Grant/Loan

The Government of Canada recently committed to 700,000 grants of up to $5,000 per household to help homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their homes. 

Qualistat: Currently Hiring

Our sister company, Qualistat, is currently hiring for a Building Envelop Engineer in the Calgary area.

Our team of engineers, HVAC designers, infrared thermographers, registered energy advisors and building envelope specialists provide a complete range of services. Mechanical engineering design and consulting, energy management consulting for code compliance (NECB and 9.36), ASHRAE and NRCan energy evaluations for new and existing buildings – commercial, institutional, industrial and residential. Building envelope consulting, inspections and troubleshooting. This multi-disciplinary approach combines our expertise & extensive experience to provide complimentary services and solutions for new buildings & projects, renovations & upgrades, tenant improvements, and problem solving. Striving to make our buildings and homes more energy efficient (more comfortable, lower operating cost and reduced carbon footprints), we are here to provide you with a path forward that is tailored to your personal or corporate goals and objectives.

  • Mechanical engineering consulting
  • HVAC design & plumbing solutions for the commercial and residential sectors.
  • Residential HVAC design (F326 ventilation, CSA F280 heat loss and gain calculations and full mechanical design)
  • NECB, 9.36 code
  • STEP code compliance consulting services
  • Commercial & residential energy evaluations.
  • Energy management and consulting
  • Residential energy assessments
  • 9.36 energy code compliance consulting services
  • STEP code consulting.
  • Blower door testing.
  • Residential energy efficiency program development and delivery services.
  • Building envelope consulting, diagnostic testing and troubleshooting
  • Training and seminars.
  • 9.36 energy code compliance consulting services
  • Blower door testing
  • Infrared thermography services

Participating in the Greener Homes Grant Program? What this short segment of Global TV’s Trending with Gord Gillies. Stephen Farrell, owner of the VT Group, talks about the Greener Homes program, meeting the demand for energy advisors and provides a brief description of the VT Group of Companies.

Why Work With Us?

Our diverse, but complimentary skills, knowledge, education and services means that you can rely on an experienced and diverse team for your next building project, energy assessment, renovation, tenant improvement or problem-solving requirements. Our team of engineers and designers will work with you to design comfortable, affordable and efficient HVAC & plumbing systems to suit you and your project’s goals and objectives.

With the growing focus through new legislation and building codes on energy efficiency and sustainability, our team is well positioned to provide you with an affordable holistic approach to meeting these requirements to keep your projects moving forward and ensure your construction budget is front and centre. We provide a full suite of affordable services for your 9.36, NECB, STEP code, and ASHRAE assessment requirements.

Our energy consultants will help you or your organization optimize energy efficiency, reducing operating costs and carbon footprint.

Our building envelope specialists provide diagnostic and consulting services to either prevent problems before they start or provide a solution to existing problems and concerns. Our strength is in our diversity and our commitment to making buildings better.

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